Rasiqra Revulva is a Toronto-based poet, multi-media artist, editor, musician, and performer. She was recently awarded second place in the 2017 Blodwyn Memorial Prize for Emerging Writers; and is in the process of completing an Emerging Writers Mentorship with Diaspora Dialogues for a full-length collection inspired by the city of Toronto. Her debut chapbook of poetry and glitch-art illustration titled "Cephalopography" was published by words(on)pages press in October of 2016. Her band The Databats has recently signed to Slice Records, Australia, commencing with a re-release of their album "Chiropteratronic" in April of 2017.


RASIQRA REVULVA is multi-platform, multi-media, multi-dimensional artistic and literary magic. Rasiqra Revulva demands both input and output. Rasiqra Revulva divides her time predominantly between the realms of Art and Language and Southern Ontario. rasiqra revulva does not need to be capitalized. Rasiqra Revulva is every part of speech. Rasiqra revulva is a live quasar. Rasiqra Revulva qua silver, qua veils. Rasiqra Revulva: larva quivers; viral, alive.

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