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Cover images of Cephalography.

Cephalopography trailer.


Found poem composed of the 50 words appearing most frequently in Cephalopography. Word cloud generated by tagcrowd.com. An early version was published in EW Reading's digital chapbook "PULP Poems," in May of 2015.

"Tool Use"
Free-verse monologue from the perspective of a veined octopus engaging with a coconut shell. The first of two poems that formed the genesis of Cephalopography (written in tandem with "Nautilidaeism"). Named a runner-up in the First Annual Jane Lumley Poetry Prize in December of 2014; and published in issue 6 of Hermenutic Chaos Journal, and Hermeneutic Chaos Press' First Annual Jane Lumley Prize Chapbook in January of 2015.

Bi-lingual found ghazal containing consecutive lines of the Holy Du'a in the original Arabic. The second of two poems written for Cephalopography, written in tandem with "Tool Use." Published alongside "Fig. 2: Nautilus Pompilius" in issue 5 of (parenthetical) in January of 2015.

"Morphology and Anatomy: Architeuthis Dux"
Found poem, in which the lines are sourced from the spines of books in my personal library. This poem was adapted and expanded to form the lyrics for "Spira Mirabilis" by The Databats on our 2015 record "Chiropteratronic."

"Octopo and Teuthiet"
Prose poem/drabble. Published by The Puritan in May of 2015.

"One of These Days"
Free verse poem inspired by Neil Young. First published in The Quilliad's First Hallowe'en Issue in October of 2014. Re-published in Purple Passion Press' anthology (AFTER)life: Poems and Stories of the Dead in April of 2015. Excerpts of this poem have been adapted to form verse lyrics for the song "Bottom Feeder" by Rob Parker featuring The Databats on his 2015 release "Disengage."

'"Free the Niqabi!"'
Villanelle. Named a finalist for untethered's First Poetry Contest in May of 2015 (unpublished).

"Fig. 2: Nautilus Pompilius"
Published alongside "Nautilidaeism" in issue 5 of (parenthetical) in January of 2015.

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