Pending publication, Trash Magazine.

If You Forget the Whipped Cream, You're No Good As A Woman
Chapbook, 25 pages. Poetry and Illustration.
Pending publication in summer 2018, Gap Riot Press.

"Octopo and Teuthiet"
Drabble/prose poem.
July 2018, Applebeard Editions.

"The Lives of Bivalves"
Free verse poem.
Winter 2018, Arc Poetry Magazine.

Poem modeled after William Blake's "The Tyger."
Winter 2018, Arc Poetry Magazine.

Tritina poem.
Winter 2018, Arc Poetry Magazine.

"Man's First Servant"
Bilingual found palindrome; video poem.
January 2018, Metatron.


"(Dis)Order: No/Know/Known/Knowing/Knowingly"
Lyric essay.
September 2017, The Town Crier.

"My Favourite Shirley Jackson Book Was Eaten By My Rapist's Dog"
Awarded second place in the 2017 Blodwyn Memorial Prize for Emerging Writers.
June 2017 (web); July 2017 (print), words(on)pages press.

"Miss World" or "The Efficacy of A Rasp"
May 2017, untethered.

"Tankas I Didn't Text Her" (excerpt)
April 2017, In/Words.

Free Verse Poem.
March, 2017Hart House Review

"ED Note"
Shape Poem.
March 2017,Hart House Review

Free Verse Poem.
January 2017 (web); March 2017 (print), Hart House Review.


Chapbook, 32 pages + insert. Poetry and illustration.
October 2016, words(on)pages.

"The Subterranean Avian"
Prose poem; free verse.
Pending, filling Station.

S. Bedford - It's Only the Himalayas and Other Tales of Miscalculation From an Overconfident Backpacker.
April 2016, Brindle and Glass.

"White Flight"
Cleave poem.
February 2016, untethered.

"Rules of Order"
Pi-lindrome poem.
February 2016, untethered.

"Milk Stout"
February 2016, untethered.

"Elegy While Drowning"
Free verse poem.
February 2016, untethered.

"Cerebrospinal Fluid"
Found (book spine) poem suite.
February 2016, untethered.


Awarded Emerging Writers Mentorship with Jay MillAr through Diaspora Dialogues (commencing January 2016).

Free verse poem.
December 2015, the pickled body.

Haiku suite.
Summer 2015, carte blanche.

Found poem.
"PULP Poems" digital chapbook.
May 2015, EW Reading.

"There is No Love (in us)"
Free verse poem.
"PULP Poems" digital chapbook.
May 2015, EW Reading.

'"Free the Niqabi!"'
Named a finalist for untethered's First Poetry Contest.
May 2015 (unpublished).

"Octopo and Teuthiet"
Drabble/prose poem.
May 2015, The Puritan.

"One of These Days"
Free verse poem.
(AFTER)life: Poems and Stories of the Dead .
April 2015, Purple Passion Press.

Ghazal, found poem.
January 2015, (parenthetical).

"Tool Use"
Free verse poem.
Named a runner-up in the first annual Jane Lumley Poetry Contest.
First Annual Jane Lumley Prize Chapbook. January 2015, Hermeneutic Chaos Press; January 2015, Hermeneutic Chaos Journal.


"One of These Days"
Free verse poem.
October 2014, The Quilliad.

"What You Talk About When You Talk About Rape"
List poem.
July 2014, The Feminist Wire.

"3/4 Profile"
May 2014, The Feminist Wire.

Standing with Wendy: Transcripts of Live Texas Senate and House Sessions Concerning the Passage of HB2
Transcription and proof-reading.
May 2014, Acacia Moon Publishing.


'"Dwayne." "Texas." "Unclean."'
Palindrome poem.
October 2013, ditch,.

"How to Fake it So (s)He Stops: A User's Guide to the Sex Assault Konami Code" Shape poem.
October 2013, ditch,.

"True North"
Free verse poem.
August 2013, Cordite.


"City-Wide Infestation: A Formula for Peace of Mind"
Fib poem; prose poem; monologue.
November 2012, The Incongruous Quarterly.

"The Poem: A Zygodactyl Handjob"
Prose poem; lyric essay.
November 2012, The Incongruous Quarterly.


"The Lot"
Named an Honourable Mention for the Judith Eve Gewurtz Memorial Poetry Prize.
Fall 2010 (unpublished).

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